Friday, February 10, 2012

Isolation is the oxygen mask your children breathe to survive

I isolate a lot. Can't help it. People get on my nerves. They irritate the crap out of me. So, whenever I get home, I usually stay there and only venture out if I have something absolutely necessary to do. Maybe if I'm lucky, a friend will call and I'll go meet her somewhere but that rarely happens since I don't have many friends to begin with.

Work interferes with a lot of things including friendships.

I turned my facebook account on for the first time in two months. Too much drama on there and I lose connection with the people that I do have as friends. Mostly because some of them just spam my feeds with emo crap. Like they've broken up with their significant others and have a need to broadcast to the world their heart breaks.

I don't care. Maybe that's why I'm not on there much.

On another note, I turned down three extra shifts this week. My leg needed to heal so I ignored my phone the past three days. Its still sore. And somewhat painful.


goatman said...

I have found that the Facebook just presents mindless tripe and does not have the capacity for real meaning communication, as do the blogs for instance.
I have the book of faces only to try and communicate with younger relations and try and tie in with some of their tripe. Better than nothing.
I like your blog because it is honest.

Akita said...

I almost forgot about this blog. And the one on wordpress? It was entertaining mind candy, too bad you deleted it.