Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Gila Wilderness

I was driving down the sort of back road to the Pima Animal Control Center to put up a poster of my lost cat and I suddenly flashed back to vacationing two summers ago in the Gila wilderness in New Mexico. I can't say I travel a lot, but lately, it just seems that way. Last month, I was in Las Vegas for a couple of weeks for a job and then we went camping in the Catalina Foothills. I made a video of myself and my then ex girlfriend whom I called "Dr. Girlfriend" cuz she was an RN who also traveled a lot. Perfect pair we were. Then. I called her Dr. Girlfriend cuz I hated her first name; which reminded me of some dumb bimbo off Baywatch or something. She didn't like her name either, but its a funny thing though. We got to the level of comfort to where we really didn't call each other by our first names; more like she'd call me "sweetie" and if I wanted her attention, I'd just say, "hey Red" due to she was a redhead.

I'm a hot springs aficionado and here's my crude video -- as in crappy camcorder crude.

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