Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Damn Cat

My cat’s been gone for five days now. I’m guessing he either got eaten by coyotes or someone picked him up. He’s friendly enough. I also found out that there’s a “cat nazi” that lives in the neighborhood and shoots at cats. I don’t exactly know which one, but the neighbors tell me of it. This makes me even more hostile towards stupid people. If Roo doesn’t come home soon, he’ll get sick. He needs to have his insulin shots which I give him nightly. He was ketoacidotic in Pet ER and almost died of diabetic coma. Dropped three grand on the little shit. And now he’s gone.
I figured he’d at least have the decency to stick around til I paid his damn vet bill off, but NOOOOO.
So I printed up posters and put an ad on craigslist with a reward. No responses. I even went so far as posting in the Humane Society's lost pets sections. They haven't called. I remember seeing a terrier in the Lost Pets binder at the front desk with a thousand dollar reward. Its still missing. Sadness.


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