Wednesday, February 13, 2008

traffic court

Immediately after work this morning, I forced my way thru traffic in my dinky car that any vehicle over 3000 lbs. could instantly demolish, to downtown. And traffic court. I wait almost an hour just to have my case heard.

The judge, who sat behind a thick glass window drew up my docket on her computer and asked me if I wanted to pay the full amount.

Her: So you want to pay the full amount? Two hundred and one hundred with proof?

Me: It was my brother's car and he came down and drove it back when I told him I kept getting tickets for an out-of-state vehicle. That's the full amount?

Her: If you have the proof of title and transfer of registration, then it'll be dismissed. If not, you have to pay the full amount.


Her: Excuse me?


At that instant, I had this overwhelming thought of my head exploding in front of her, my headless body sitting up and walking away ... S'funny how things I planned to do with my hard earned cash instantly evaporates at the touch of someone's keyboard.


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