Thursday, February 14, 2008

not working

-- I'm somewhat obsessing on this woman. Don't ask. I saw her on myspace.

After pulling into the carport after traffic court, I was so tired that I snoozed in my car for about an hour. I have a bad habit of doing that: sleeping in my car. Sometimes, I'll be so tired after work and the drive home is usually 45 minutes away, I'll pull over to the side of the road and drop the reclining bucket seat, and doze for a few hours.

Yup. It takes me 35 minutes tops to get to work, but on average, it takes me two hours to get home ... cuz of me sleeping in my car.

Anyway, I knew I was going to get called in to work -- I've already done five nights in a row --, so I just let the phone ring. I checked it a few minutes ago after a day of non activity. Lo and Behold! I get two calls wanting me to work tonight.

Ain't gonna happen. I like my few days off away from the nuthouse.

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