Tuesday, May 26, 2015



Maybe my mind's calming down and not stressing out about other's stress? I dunno.

Talked/text to a bunch of people yesterday about my shituation: MMM--my oldest friend who was also my high school sweetheart, Idaho, Fergie, Witchblaze, Drone, Sharina, Ham, Crackberry, Sprout, Herb and Bufferkiller. They all basically said I made the right decision and one even asked why I was there for so long. Even the baby slept as long as I did; my one and a half year old niece gets nightmares and wakes up in the middle of the night. She's never slept through a whole night.

I've found that even though I'm antisocial, I still need people in my life. Sharina, Sprout and Crackberry are coworkers. Not too close to Crackberry or Sprout, but they're party girls who've been around so I just gave them a random scenario and asked their opinions.

Sharina just started talking to me two weeks ago. Wanted me to take her weekend shifts and somehow she knew I was stressed out. I don't like telling random people my problems, but this girl knew I had a different demeanor at work. Soon as she's in the door, she's always on the phone with either her husband or her friends, clocks in, and goes about doing night work while still on the phone!

I've found that whenever I get stressed out, I reach out to people I've known whom I've let into my realm of solitude. I usually keep people at bay.

Today is my day off...gonna explore the beaches!

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