Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blogging anonymously

One nurse and one tech gone.

They knew better but I guess social media caught up with them. That's why I choose to stay offline for any reason because I know I'm too opinionated to keep my mouth shut online. Well, except maybe here on this blog. I don't tell anyone or any of my coworkers I submit content for this blog. And the only person I know who knows about this is Ms. Moneywhore site owner.

And I guess it helps that I'm just another anonymous ER RN in Georgia with a blog. I've thought about going back to school. Donice said I should. Working back to back shifts is killing me. And the days melt into nights and back again to days. Sometimes I don't even see either. I'm at a cross roads to where I really don't know what to do the rest of my life, besides being a nurse. I know I want a house, but not sure where at the moment. I'm financially independent and have a little nest egg saved up. I've thought about traveling to Fiji or Thailand. And at one point, China.

My thoughts are rambling aimlessly. LOL

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