Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Job

Yeah. I got a new job.

I dunno if you call the pay decent, but hey, I'm not complaining. In my first pay period (I don't count the two weeks of training), I had six hours overtime. Next pay period, I'll have over twenty hours of overtime. So yeah, I'm not complaining much.

And the APCs never go by what the schedule says: they add themselves on, but then call out at the last minute. APCs--assistant program coordinators--two women who dress inappropriately. Bothers me cuz one of them is a buxom blond midget (5'1) who's junk is hanging out when she wears skimpy clothes. And according to policy, employees are to wear closed-toed shoes; the APCs wear flip flops. How come they get away with that and we don't?

I'm not questioning but being a drone worker ant in the meantime.

Gotta keep my mouth shut. So I blog. Here. :D

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