Saturday, June 7, 2014

Georgia On My Mind

Spent the last three days in Georgia cuz I felt I needed closure. I told her I needed to pick up the stuff I left cuz they had sentimental  alive; an old DeWalt radio and a camp stove, but she knew the real reason. She saw right through my fascade. She's not stupid--far from it. I admitted guilt. I HAD to see her again.

Kinda funny though...we felt the same towards each other, yet she told me that "We're at a place in our lives that we can't be together. We have too much shit to do. You have to work on your fears and I have to restructure my dismal future. When we're together, we act like an old married couple. We're complacent and we never get anything done".


When we weren't eating or doing errands, we were naked or partially clothed OR just naked in bed. Yep. Pretty much sums it up. Even though her dreams were shattered to the core--every single one of them, she's a wild spirit to the core. We are a perfect match for each other--I can honestly say that without a doubt; just hard to contain us in words, label us in any category. I seem to be the calm one of the two. Weird how I can admit to that.

I feel much better now...

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