Monday, April 15, 2013

Uncertain Waters

I got a job offer to work in a psych hospital in a desolate part of the state and I'm uncertain about it. Once bitten, twice shy. Its a great opportunity but its three hours from where my family lives. And I won't be able to Finley and Drew on a frequent basis. Drew--he just turned two and warmed up to me today. It was awesome!

The job would be perfect for me to get out of the financial slump I'm having to survive on a daily basis, plus its a state employment. The pay is decent and much more than being a retail slave. Decisions, decisions...

For the first time since high school, I'm on the lowest end of the income bracket, not an accomplishment that I'm proud of, but hey. I got a job and that's all that matters. A friend told me I should file for disability from having diagnosed with PTSD, but that would mean me not working (as I'm a money whore) and sitting on my ass getting fat. No thanks. I'd rather work for my money instead of having someone give it to me. Unless its friends or family, I trust no one to give me anything cuz there's always a price or condition.

I don't have reliable Internet so these posts are a hit and run.

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