Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moving Pt. 2

I have till the end of May to vacate. I don't really have a lot of stuff to pack now because my parents surprised me with a visit the last time I posted. They were on the way to Santa Monica, California. I asked why they were going there and Dad said he had to pick up a new horse. Really? From FL to CA cross country road trip for a horse.

And they said they haven't seen me since last summer so it was an excuse to drive across the country and see some scenery. And Mom asked when I was going to come home and I said, "When I'm done with school." I'm so burnt out, yet I must trudge on.

Microbiology and Pharmacology on the way. I thought about Chemistry also but I'm putting that off at the last possible moment. Not my strong point. I'm over at Rafi's, babysitting and doing homework. Her kid is distracting me which is why this post is tangential. :p

Anyway, I've had to input four W2's for my tax return. Doing that also. Four different jobs in the last year. Four jobs that's lasted more than a month.

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