Friday, March 15, 2013

Isolation is the oxygen mask your children breathe in to survive

Internet has been sucking balls lately so I haven't been posting as much as Shannon. Two jobs: one at a paper mill and the other at Wally World. Yeah I don't have much time for blogging most days cuz I'm either sleeping or working. And that drains me quite a bit.

And all this time, I've been trying to gain weight. I'm a shadow of my former self. I used to weigh in at 182 lbs. and now I'm down to 168! I've never weighed this less! And working two jobs is taxing on my body. Granted, I can now fit into my clothes from three years ago and those were the tight ones, but I've also had to buy smaller pants sizes as well as shirts.

And I dumped my girlfriend. It was mutual maybe, but more so that I initiated the dumping. She got on my nerves with her neediness and always wanting to know where I am when she clearly knew where I was. And what pissed me off MOST about her, is that I kept asking her to get a fucking job cuz "we're in a strained relationship, spending money I don't have, and you're on your ass at home wanting to go places. I can't wine and dine you all the damn time". She tried once or twice, but fucked it up saying she's on disability with mental illness, some butt ass reason, which equals another LIE to me. I can understand the mental illness part, but using it as a crutch not to get a job? Hell, I have hostile oppositional antisocial tendancies, but at least I get a job so I won't dwell on self loathing. She may have been valedictorian in her high school, but she's accustomed to being lazy and knows how to manipulate people to enable her into being a couch potato...which she clearly is.

I think I'm destined to be a loner lone wolf. Meh, I don't care. I don't have time for relationships anyway. Working too much.

That's my take on life as of late.


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