Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bath water

Soon as I got to Ashley's, I went straight to the bathroom to run hot water for a bath.

I wanted one. School was a mess but I'm glad I got thru finals with not much of a hitch. As I was driving, a flood of emotions came over me from missing Jen. I didn't have time to grieve losing her. She just dropped me via text. And it was like she was erased from my life. No "Bye Shannon, we're done." She just said, "I don't want us to be us anymore. Its just me." After that, she blocked me to where I couldn't text or call back.

I was so hurt. So many tears came from my eyes. I turned to Samantha for a shoulder to cry on. I turned to all my other hingirlfriends to make sense of shit. I wish there was some sort of school or class to learn how someone you love breaks up with you VIA TEXT MESSAGE after you've shared your life with them for a year. There ought to be a class that explains break ups.

But screw it. I'm almost don't think about her any more. So as soon as I was in the neighborhood of Ashley's apartment, I contemplated of how the bath water was going to feel on my skin. I thought of how I was going to describe in detail how I put a bubble bath on for myself to let me enjoy something so sensual and soothing while I let my mind wander into nothingness.

Instead, I thought of getting a belly button piercing...something like this picture.


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