Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So I get called into the director's office and he has this complaint against me from the Outsider saying that I'm creating "a hostile work environment" for the new guy. You gotta be shittin me. Seriously?

I have a long talk with the Director and he's going on and on that I (and my coworkers) need to take the Outsider under our wings and show him the ropes of how we do things and if there's another complaint, it will be my "First and Final", what he in his omnipotent power likes to call it. Granted, the Director and I get along, but he's been flooded with complaints from the Outsider that other coworkers aren't treating his sheltered ass right. Or that we're too direct. Or some other bullshit. The Director told me that the Outsider has 90 days to "get it" or he's out.

Sure I'll take the FNG under my wing, but he better learn quick or else he'll get into a serious world of hurt. And not by me.

And if he starts messing with my money, its going to get personal.

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