Friday, November 12, 2010

No Martial Arts!

I had to attend training for my new job -- I work in a stand-alone (away from the main campus) lock down facility that is a psych hospital, where we were doing standard blocking and escorts yesterday. The instructor, a huge muscle-bound, yet light-hearted man, was explaining the basic moves in avoiding a straight-forward punch, a round house attack and an upper cut. When it came to my turn, my body reacted ... I've been in the mental health profession for nine years and in the first two years, I was constantly being hit cuz I didn't know. Even though I was taught as per company policy, all that goes out the window when you freeze in fear.

I froze a time or two, but I quickly learned after a few hard knocks. So in the class yesterday, my body instinctively reacted to the instructor's moves. He then said, "Hm, we have someone who knows what he's doing", telling the class.


Well uh, yeah? Then I had to repeat the same blocking motions and a one-person escort carry on another student, an RN. I thought I did it with ease. She, said (we were in the middle of the room, demonstrating to the class), "My god! You're quick!"

Yeah ... my ego shot up exponentially yesterday. Even before then, I got the feeling that all the night shift RNs like me. As I was walking back to get my stuff after classs, another tech on floor asked, "Are you done with the in-service?" I told her I was, and made tried to be facetious when I said, "The instructor said I failed cuz he said I was using martial arts". She just laughed and said, "Don't mind him. We need you on the team."

I felt appreciated.

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