Friday, May 7, 2010

I Give Up

Ever have those days when no matter how you think or try to think positively, everything turns to shit anyway? Dammit. I broke my vow to stop cussing. Oh well. Life goes on. Angie said she adopted a new cat. First thing that went through my mind was "Great. She picked up another stray". But when she said she got the cat from the Humane Society, my fears were lessened. I figured she needed another cat since Roo and Squeek got taken away by hawks in the area.

I'm just wallowing in my negativity at the moment cuz I can't seem to unzip the fucking free fonts that I've downloaded on this laptop that's going to be another use for heavy ass paperweight. Fuck it. Its the end of the day. I'm feeling heavy aggression welling up deep inside me not to destroy this piece of technology that doesn't work.

I really wish I was with Angie. She's in Nevada City and I'm stuck for the moment, in Tucson. Can I blow my head off now? GRRR ...

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