Sunday, December 21, 2008

They're Here

I'm a skeptic about the supernatural as much as the next person, but I don't know anymore.

Last night, I was in a deep sleep; a nightmare. I dreamt I was on a boat with no oars, in the night, on a peaceful lake with the moon out and the stars shining. All of a sudden, the boat started rocking violently. I grasped the sides. And I woke up to a noise of a SLAP / FLAP on the wall. A dvd from the middle of the stack of dvds had flown (?) out of the metal shelf of dvds and on to the floor.

I picked up the dvd to check out which one exactly: the title read, "The King Is Alive". Its a B-movie about seven stranded travelers in the African desert, putting on a play to pass time away before they are rescued.

Does this coincide with the little girls I'm seeing and the voices I hear in my head?

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